North College Park Man ‘Assaults’ Driver with Live Power Line

Montgomery County Police Probe Possible Road Rage Attack Involving Live Power Lines: MyFoxDC.com

Richard John Bialczak, 32, of 9630 Milestone Way in north College Park (near IKEA), has been accused of ramming his car into a parked car, hitting it with his fists while trying to force entry and eventually throwing a downed, sparking power line on the car, the Gazette reports.

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1 Comment to “North College Park Man ‘Assaults’ Driver with Live Power Line”

  1. By DAK4Blizzard, September 17, 2011 @ 12:47 am

    I live in the Camden apartments. This guy should be kicked out of here (if he hasn’t been already).

    Btw, is there a way you could prevent the video from automatically playing when the page loads? Thanks!