In last night’s NCPCA meeting, City’s Finance Director Steve Groh and Planning Director Terry Schum outlined the key development projects in the proposed FY2012 budget.

The projects will be financed by the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which receives grants from various local and Federal sources.

The key development projects in north College Park  include:

  • Hollywood Gateway Park development
  • Duval Field improvements
  • Hollywood commercial district / intersection  improvements
  • Neighborhood access improvement near Rt 1 and Hollywood Rd / Mazza GrandMarc (traffic lights etc)
  • Improvements of Public Works facility at Davis Hall (new HVAC system, improved acoustics etc)
  • Safe to school project around Hollywood Elementary school
  • Sunnyside skateboard park project
  • Street improvements

I hope to go in details on some of these projects in future posts.