Dear neighbors,

Over the past years, many residents have approached us with the idea of creating a full-time community space where residents of various ages could come, and enjoy programs of their choice. For many residents, the existing programs being run at the nearby community centers lack adequate programming. For other residents, especially for those who live in the heavily residential neighborhoods of the city, these centers are not conveniently located. One idea is to start the new center in vacant store space in North College Park, which could be rented with assistance from the County and the City. County Councilwoman Mary Lehman recently helped this effort by approving $50K in the M-NCPPC FY18 budget towards community programming in North College Park. The City Council has also allocated money in the FY18 budget for community programming which could be integrated with the M-NCPPC grant to make the new center a reality. We will appreciate it if you would please complete this survey to let us know your thoughts and preferences. Thank you.