For the past several years, the residents and the College Park City Council have been asking the M-NCPPC to build a community center in north College Park.

The North College Park area is primarily residential in nature, having the highest concentration of single-family homes. A community center in north College Park will add a fantastic amenity for residents of all ages. At next week’s City Council meeting, representatives from the M-NCPPC and the County Councilman Tom Dernoga will discuss the proposed north College Park Center and its possible locations. The discussion will also include how the M-NCPPC will engage the community about the site selection. M-NCPPC has listed a couple of possible sites in north College Park.

Earlier, Councilman Dernoga sent a letter to the College Park City Council requesting financial support to help build the community center once a site is selected. The Council will discuss how it may respond to such a request.

The M-NCPPC will soon start a feasibility study for the proposed center. The study will include the following tasks:

Task A
• Conduct a demographics and needs analysis of the current and forecasted user population
• Analyze the types of recreational experiences currently provided in the area to understand how this community center will fill gaps in the market.

Task B
• Meet with internal staff focus groups
• Gather community input through two (2) virtual public meetings and online platforms.
• Propose recreation facility program requirements based on the demographics and needs analysis as well as feedback from internal and external stakeholders

Task C
• Establish the site selection criteria
• Review preliminary site assessments conducted by Department staff
• Determine up to two (2) candidate sites for additional analyses and test fits.
• Translate the facility requirements and programmatic analysis into a space allocation program
• Review sites based on selection criteria and include site diligence to include but not be limited to test fits, conceptual plans, and total development budget for both capital and operating costs.
• Assist the Department in the final selection of a site.

Task D
• Propose conceptual design solutions and accompanying site plans

Task E
• Estimate acquisition, site development, soft costs, and construction costs

Preliminary Analysis of Potential Sites
• 12,000 Sf addition minimum space allocation
• Six sites previously identified by DPR and City of College Park
• 2 sites owned by the Board of Education
• 1 site owned by the Al Huda School
• 3 sites in private ownership