Greenbelt  North Core

Greenbelt North Core

Recently, the North College Park Civic Association has sent a letter to the Mayor and Council with its views on proposed Greenbelt north core development.

In its letter it says “Over the past several months, members of the North College Park Citizens Association have attended the meetings of the M-NCPPC study for the Greenbelt Metro and MD 193 Corridor Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment. The findings of this study and plans for the future development of the Greenbelt Metro area will have major impacts on the community”.

Here is the text of the letter.

a. Mix of Uses to Serve North College Park. The members of NCPCA do not oppose the relocation of a major GSA tenant to the North Core. However, we strongly request that neighborhood-oriented retail development be prioritized for the area closest to the
Greenbelt Metro Station. Retail uses near the station will promote an attractive, pedestrian-oriented center closest to our community, and provide many benefits to our neighborhood. NCPCA has always supported the development of the North Core with a mix of uses, and continues to support Greenbelt Metro as an active urban center with local appeal.

b. Building Heights and Setbacks. The members of NCPCA support the architectural vision of the 2001 Greenbelt Metro Sector Plan that promoted the development of tall buildings at the center of the North Core with shorter buildings near the Metro Station and along the railroad tracks. A gradual step-down of building heights to our neighborhood will greatly reduce visual and reflected noise impacts of this development. NCPCA has always supported a vision of the North Core that included attractive building designs, with materials and architectural massing to reduce impacts to our community.

c. North South Connector Road. The members of NCPCA support construction of a new roadway with full cloverleaf interchange between the Beltway and MD 193. Several of our members participated in the SHA study that recommended a connector road along the east side of the North Core, and away from existing homes in College Park as a way to promote access while reducing direct visual and noise impacts to our community. NCPCA has always supported a transit-oriented Greenbelt Metro that minimizes automobile uses, and a Connector Road along the east side of the North Core.

d. Preservation of Narragansett Run. The members of NCPCA have longstanding concerns about flooding and groundwater impacts to their homes. Many residents believe that previous construction of the Metro station, tracks and parking lot adversely impacted drainage patterns. Many other residents believe that protecting local streams and forested areas near Greenbelt Metro are vital interests of the community, and that these areas should be preserved with as few impacts as possible. NCPCA has always supported the preservation of natural areas near Greenbelt Metro, and opposes any realignment or reengineering of Narragansett Run in its path from our community to its confluence with Indian Creek.