No municipal infractions or notices of violations have been issued since the Unruly Social Gatherings ordinance was issued a year ago.

When the Council adopted an ordinance related to Chapter 141, Article II, Unruly Social Gatherings, about a year ago, it decided to have an annual report on the effect of this ordinance.

Several factors may have influenced the apparent success of this ordinance in achieving general voluntary compliance.

There was significant news media attention to Council deliberations leading up to and subsequent to the adoption of this Ordinance. Potential consequences for violating the Ordinance became widely known amongst residents and property owners.


After March 2020, UMD was closed until the resumption of virtual classes on September 14, 2020. When UMD classes resumed the University adopted stringent social gathering rules and sanctions for violating public health directives aimed at minimizing the spread of COVID-19. There has been a significant change in behavior at off-campus student housing this fall. There have been virtually no large yard parties reported or observed by residents, police, or code enforcement. Smaller groups of people have been reported on private property and on the streets, but violations of this Article have not been documented.

The City Council is planning to discuss the annual report at tomorrow’s Council meeting.