Last year the Council designated the month of April 2022 as a pilot “No Mow Month” to encourage residents to voluntarily delay lawn care and mowing to support pollinator-friendly habitats during a critical period when early emerging pollinators have limited resources for food supplied by flowering plants.

The flowering plants found in lawns are some of the earliest food resources that early emerging pollinators have available to them
before other woody plants begin flowering. By reducing or eliminating mowing during this early spring month, early emerging pollinators have a supply of food and habitat that would otherwise be removed by lawn mowing. An additional environmental benefit of a No Mow Month initiative is the reduction of noise and exhaust from lawn mowing equipment.

348 residents registered online to participate in the City’s No Mow April initiative in April 2022. According to a follow-up survey, most participants felt that No Mow April was worthwhile, and they would participate in the initiative again. Survey

Responses. The Bee City USA Committee recommends that the 2022 pilot No Mow April initiative become an annual activity to benefit early-season pollinators. The City Council will discuss the committee’s recommendation.