The Council will discuss the staff recommendations, primarily based on the Public Safety reports by the Police Foundations. The City spent $67,000 in the FT18 budget to conduct to study in order to improve public safety in College Park. The Public Safety and Police Services Analysis concluded that the City should consider remaining under the current policing structure in the short-term, with the long-term goal of establishing a standalone College Park police department in the future.

In summary, staff recommendations include some minor improvements, which include

  1. Continue with the current hybrid policing structure comprising of PGPD, contract police and UMPD police near the campus.
  2. A regular meeting among the contract officers on a monthly basis.
  3. Quarterly meeting with the PGPOD commander Major Guixens
  4. City seal for display in the rear vent window of marked Contract police vehicles in order to increase the visibility of Contract Program officers
  5. Continue community engagement
  6. Seek to improve crime and quality of life data collection and dissemination.
  7. Expand security surveillance cameras.
  8. Explore to see if PGPD can allow City Contract Officers to enforce the City noise code or other large gathering or disturbing the peace ordinances without a Code Officer.
  9. Continue participating in the multi-agency CMAST meetings and share crime and code enforcement data.
  10. Continue meeting with PGPD and UMPD leaderships, to discuss and plan joint tactics to respond to critical public safety and quality of life issues.
  11. Continue working with the CPCUP public safety subcommittee.