Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Berwyn Heights Town Center – 2nd Floor

8613 57th Avenue

7:30 p.m.


1. Presentations:

· US 2020 Census

· County Council legislative update (Zoning matters, Airbnb legislation)

2. Berwyn Heights:

· Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel (ULI-TAP) Outcomes

· Education Advisory Councils cooperation

· M-NCPPC capital improvement process

3. College Park:

* Discussion of legislation (and possible support for an MML LAR which is due on July 27) for legislation that would prohibit utilities such as Comcast from leaving loops of cable at the top of neighborhood utility poles (our short title for this is “ugly Pepco poles”)

* Discussion with new leadership at the Branchville Fire Department about the loss of career staffing at Branchville. It was pointed out by Mayor Wojahn that this has been a Four Cities discussion topic in the past, but there is new leadership at Branchville that would like to address the group if agreed to by the Four Cities. Let us know and we will extend the invitation.

4. New Carrollton:

* DPIE Permitting within municipalities