The City Council will consider approving a letter to the Clerk of the County Council with written testimony on the Countywide Map Amendment.

The Prince George’s County Council adopted a new Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision regulations in October 2018, but they will not become effective until new countywide zoning maps are approved. The process for approving these maps is known as the CMA and was initiated by the County Council in July 2019. The CMA is intended to be a technical, non-substantive exercise that replaces the current zone on each property with a similar new zone. You can see the existing and the proposed zones of each property in the county using the online swiping tool: . There will be a Joint Public Hearing of the Prince George’s County District Council and Planning Board on the CMA on Monday, March 23, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at Prince George’s Community College.

For most property in College Park, this is a one-to-one zone replacement with minimal change. For example, the existing R-55 zone (one-family detached residential) has a maximum density of 6.7 dwelling units per acre) and is the prevalent zoning category in City neighborhoods. It will be replaced with the RSF-65 zone (residential single-family) with a maximum density of 6.7 dwelling units per acre). The only substantive regulatory change is an increase in height from 30 feet to 35 feet and the elimination of the requirement for both side yards to equal 17 feet.

For the Hollywood commercial district, two different zones are proposed for this area, CGO (Commercial, General and Office and CN (Commercial Neighborhood). Currently, the district is part of the US1 DDOZ Corridor Infill area and is zoned C-S-C. (Commercial Shopping Center). These zones are inconsistent with the direction of the Decision Matrix to rezone the entire area to NAC (Neighborhood Activity Center). No rationale was provided for this decision and staff believes the NAC zone would be more appropriate for properties north of Edgewood Road. The purpose of the NAC zone is to provide for lower-density, small-scale, mixed-use centers that serve the surrounding neighborhood and are well connected to transit. The maximum allowed height and density is less than the CGO zone and slightly more than the CN zone although the CN and NAC zones are very similar. The west side of Rhode Island Avenue is zoned CGO and the east side is zoned CN although the conditions are very similar. The property on the south side of Edgewood Road is largely comprised of the Hollywood Shopping Center and is appropriately reclassified as CGO. Staff is recommending changing that to NAC zone as well, to keep it consistent with the proposed zone in the rest of the Hollywood commercial district.