The City, the UMD and the Town of University Park, operates a micro-mobility program with Veo. The program faces challenges due to limited parking options, leading to parking infractions and complaints. To address this, City staff obtained a grant to create new parking hubs, allowing more parking options. The grant requires a 20% match, totaling $64,896. Staff recommends approving the list of proposed hub locations and allowing flexibility for alternatives if needed. The Council already approved the grant and matching funds in 2021. At the last meeting, the Council approved the new locations

Additionally, at the last meeting, the Council approved a new MOU between the parties. The program was extended due to the pandemic and negotiations. In June 2022, an Agreement was made with VeoRide for a three-year term. VeoRide will pay a $50/vehicle per annum fee and a $0.15 per ride fee to the Parties. The MOU needs updating to reflect the current Agreement.