The Odessa Playground will include a combo swing for adults and children to swing together facing each other [Photo credit:]

Sunnyside residents have asked for a play area with play area markings for children in their neighborhood so that the families don’t have to cross Rhode Island Avenue to reach the closest playground to them. A parcel of land at the east end of Odessa road was donated to the City in 1999 with the intent the space be used for recreational purposes.

A community meeting was convened to obtain input for the project. Greenman–Pedersen, Inc., was awarded a contract to design and engineer the new playground. The City issued an RFP to advertise for the construction of the new playground project. After reviewing the bids, the Staff is recommending awarding the construction contract to E & R Services Inc. of Lanham, Maryland in the amount of $265,142.

Components of the new playground include an access path and playground pieces for people of various ages. They include:
(a) an ADA compliant asphalt access path from the end of Odessa Road to the playground,
(b) a combo swing for adults and children to swing together facing each other,
(c) a modern-themed climbing structure and a custom soft play design,
(d) three separate height turning bars, and
(e) a nature-inspired rock log, all installed on a long-wearing rubberized surface.

Other amenities include 2 benches, litter receptacles, a stormwater management micro-Bioretention facility and a structure with plantings and a screen planting using native plants. The Council will consider approving the playground construction at tomorrow’s meeting.

Some of the play equipment will be manufactured by PlayWorld’s Unity Connect Collection line of products.

The City Council is expected to award the contract at tomorrow’s Council meeting. Once the project team gets the approval, the plan is to schedule with the contractor an agreeable timeline to start and issue a Notice to Proceed soon after the discussion. Staff estimates the contract time take until spring/ summer time frame to complete, weather permitting.