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New Sunnyside Ave. Bridge Design Unveiled

Sunnyside bridge

The bridge on Sunnyside Avenue, just north of College Park will be going through a major improvement.

The bride was built on 1946. Unfortunately, it gets frequent flooding when it rains. Also the bridge is structurally deficient.

The current bridge is a single span, steel multi-beam one with a concrete deck. It’s 37 feet long with a clear width of 22 feet.

The plan includes replacing the bridge with a wider 7 ft raised bridge. The project’s objective is to mitigate flooding and create a “Green / Complete Street” that includes shoulders, bike paths, sidewalks and street lights. The project will also create additional environmental features, including additional wetland beneath the bridge, storm water management facilities.

The new structure will be able to handle “a legal load.”

County’s DPW&T held a community meeting on May 17 to present the plan at the Beltsville Academy on 4300 Wicomico Avenue.

According to the plan, the final design will be completed by Spring 2013, right-of-way acquisition by Fall 2013. an advertisement for construction will go in Fall 2013 and the construction will begin in Spring 2014. It will take about 18 Months for the construction to be completed.

Existing roadway plan

Existing roadway plan

Proposed design

Proposed design

Here are the details of different stages of development:

Stage 1

  • Maintain traffic on existing bridge
  • Construct south portion of new bridge
  • Construct south portion of approach roadway
  • Relocate Utilities

Stage 2

  • Shift traffic to the new bridge
  • Remove the existing bridge
  • Construct the north portion of new bridge
  • Construct the north portion of approach roadway

Stage 3

  • Reset the temporary barrier and shift traffic to the
  • final lanes of new bridge
  • Construct the sidewalk on the south portion of new bridge


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  1. Bill Smith

    They should switch the bike lane and shoulder locations. That way when a car pulls onto the shoulder it won’t be pulling thru the bike lane. It should be travel lane, shoulder, bike path and then sidewalk.

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