Mr. Smoothie

This month has seen the opening of a smoothie and a yogurt shop in north College Park. The popular smoothie chain Mr. Smoothie will open in the shopping complex near IKEA, where as the yogurt shop will open in the College Park Market Place near Shoppers / Best Buy shopping complex.

Mr. Smoothie: Since 1996, Mr. Smoothie has been serving the freshest and most delicious smoothies, juices and everyone’s favorite frozen treat, frozen yogurt. They continually work with their vendors to ensure each location is supplied with the freshest and healthiest products while delivering the best value to customers. Juice lasts longer when it’s made in a masticating juicer.

iYoggie: Located in the College Park Marketplace along with Best Buy, Home Depot, and Shopper’s, iYoggie offers self-serve frozen yogurt, bubble tea, and other desserts. The shop opened in late May and features a variety of yogurt flavors and toppings,

In addition to Mr. Smoothie and iYoggie, the city has seen the opening of two other businesses. Terrapin Turf at 4410 Knox Road and The Common at 3501 University Boulevard.