The City is planning to add 10 new safety cameras along the trolley trail in Berwyn and North College Park.

The Trolley Trail in College Park runs along Rhode Island Avenue

Last week, the City Council approved an amendment to the contract with Hitachi, authorizing the purchase and installation of 10 security cameras on the Trolley Trail for $132,615.40.

$79,569.24 of the total amount will be reimbursed by a State bond obtained by CPCUP, and to include the cameras in the City’s maintenance contract with Hitachi.

These cameras will be accessed over cellular connectivity, provided by the city, and record at the edge via included onboard computing.

In phase 2, 4 cameras will be installed at the following locations

  • Rhode Island Ave & Seminole St
  • Rhode Island Ave & Greenbelt Rd
  • Rhode Island Ave & Delaware Pl and
  • Paint Branch Trail by the pedestrian bridge.

In phase 3, 6 more cameras will be installed at the following locations:

  • Rhode Island and Harvard
  • Rhode Island and Albion (by Metro Station (WMATA)
  • Rhode Island and Amherst
  • Rhode Island and Drexel
  • Albion and Baltimore ave and
  • Rhode Island and Paint Branch Pkwy(Campus Dr).

As part of Camera Project 9, two of three cameras have been installed in north College Park. According to staff, they are located in the Duvall parking lot near Trolley Trai & Intersection of Edgewood and Rhode Island. The third camera and installation have been paid for, the camera is in City possession, and we are waiting for PEPCO approval of installation at Lackawanna and 53rd avenue.