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New RRFB Crossing Lights Added to Rhode Island / Indian Ln Intersection


In case you haven’t seen, our engineering staff has added one more pedestrian crossing flashing light on Rhode Island avenue at the Indian Ln / Fox St. intersection. The rectangular rapid flash beacon (RRFB) will help pedestrian cross Rhode Island avenue at this intersection.

The City Council allocated a total of $52,000 for two RRFB lights in the Current FY17 fiscal year budget. In addition to the Indian / Fox location, the City also installed another RRFB light at the Metzerott Rd at 36th Ave intersection.

With this location, the north College Park currently has four RRFB lights on Rhode Island Aven. The other three locations are at Duvall Field, Hollywood Rd and in Sunnyside.

In case you’re new to RRFBs, they remain dark until a pedestrian presses a push button to activate the system. When activated, the RRFB emits rapid, alternating bursts of light to warn motorists that pedestrians are crossing the roadway, You can check this video to see how RRFBs work:


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  1. bekah

    Thank you for advocating for these – I have been concerned for pedestrian safety, especially since adding the stoplight at the intersection of Edgewood and Rhode Island, which has seemingly increased traffic on Rhode Island. Not only do the flashing lights encourage cars to stop, but also it discourages cars from passing in the bike lanes. I was always concerned when I would stop for pedestrians but then to my horror see a car behind me try to pass me (thinking I was turning, I guess). Naturally, I would start honking my horn and then the pedestrians would think I was honking at them and then proceed to flee across the road in terror… ANYWAY, the crossing signals are great, thank you.

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