New recyclable and refuse bins at Public Works

Two days ago, I took a tour of City’s Public Works department located at Davis Hall. Despite his busy schedule, department’s director Bob Stumpff spent nearly two hours to show different activities his department does.

Public Works provides essential services (trash pick up, snow plowing etc.) to City residents and consumes nearly 50% of City budget.

During the tour, I noticed a stock of new recycling and refuse carts at the yards.

Recently, many residents and the CBE (Committee for a Better Environment) gave them some encouraging feedback that lately their trash has decreased and/or recycling has increased, and their current refuse carts are excessive while their current recycling carts are not big enough.

In order to accommodate residents who fit these descriptions, Public Works has received a limited supply of two new cart sizes to offer residents interested in making a switch:

If you want a bigger recycling container, they now have 95-GALLON RECYCLING carts (same size as your current trash cart)

If your production of trash decreased, the Public Works also have 65-GALLON REFUSE carts (same size as the bigger of the two currently distributed recycling carts, or about 2/3 the size of your current trash cart).

If you would like to make either or both changes, please call or email Public Works ( 240-487-3590 ; and they will arrange to make the switch, most likely on your normal weekly collection day.

Ask for one today while they last. And they are absolutely free.