NCPCA – Your neighborhood association

Tomorrow is the second Thursday of the month and thus is the day of the monthly regular NCPCA meeting. Here is a quick summary of what will be on tomorrow’s meeting agenda.

Peggy Higgins, the newly elected school board representative of our area will be at our meeting. We’ve been trying to have her at our meetings for the past two months after her election win, however due to her busy schedule, she could not attend. As you probably know, the county school system is going through some painful cuts, that will definitely affect our local public schools in a very negative way – such as larger class sizes and closures of several popular programs. Let’s listen what Ms. Higgins has to discuss at the meeting.

Prince George’s Police Department’s new District 1 Commander Major Hector Velez will be at  the meeting. Maj Velez has recently assumed the job from his former boss Maj. Liberati who has recently left after spending 9 months as the Dist 1 commander. (Thanks and congratulations to Maj. Hector!.) With the spike of criminal activities in the area, we hope him to answer concerns from residents on public safety related matters. Btw, Maj Hector will be coming straight from another Neighborhood Watch meeting  at the City Hall around the same time. More on that meeting here.

At the February meeting members appointed a committee that was authorized to represent the concerns of the organization about a proposal to fill in and relocate the Narragansett Run, which drains most of North College Park’s water due to the proposed Greenbelt Metro development project. The committee member attended a community forum early this month and voiced their concern at that meeting. The Prince George’s planner Chad Williams will also be at the meeting.

In other businesses, members will also vote on a proposed By-laws amendment that will hopefully clarify a few issues in case the members decide to dissolve the association (hope it will never happen – but just in case!).

That’s all for now. See you all tomorrow night!