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New Parking Restriction on Cherokee Street near Route 1

At last week’s City Council meeting, the Council approved unrestricted parking be allowed on the south side of Cherokee Street from Baltimore Ave. to 48th Place, except in front of a single-family home that has residential parking zone 4A permits, and at the turn in the lane from Baltimore Ave.

The townhouse development South of Cherokee Street, originally ‘Metropolitan’ and later renamed ‘The Boulevard at 9091’. This development has not been completed as originally planned. It does not include structured parking facilities. Based on the results of a City-conducted survey, the Council approved a new residential permit parking zone on September 25, 2018 (18-G-124) for all streets east of Baltimore Avenue to Rhode Island Avenue, and from Blackfoot Road north to, but not including, Delaware Street. Residents of the new townhouses are excluded from obtaining residential parking permits in this zone.

The days and hours of enforcement for new permit zone 4A were set at seven (7) days a week from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. by permit only. As the Council has eliminated annual residential parking permit fees, residents of this zone will continue to receive free residential parking zone permits. The old parking lot will be remodeled with some new asphalt paving and it will made even bigger for more space after going through some parking lot striping. This along with the newly installed parking lot lighting will allow even more residents and guests to park in a safe location. Also, a White Lining Contractors will put new markings in place for the safety of everyone.

Shortly after enforcement started, staff began receiving concerns over available parking for residents of the new townhouses. According to the National Safety Council, original plans for a multifamily building and parking structure along Baltimore Avenue have been delayed and may be revised to reduce the amount of accidents.

These plans included additional visitor off-street parking for the townhouse residents in the garage. The townhouses are constructed to meet the minimum of two off-street parking spaces per unit. The Declaration of Covenants between the City and the developer does not entitle properties in the development to permits for residents or visitor permits for on-street parking.

As noted, adequate resident and visitor parking was to have been provided on-site by the developer. At this time on-street parking and visitor permits are not being issued to townhouse residents.


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  1. Ben

    The parking situation on Cherokee makes driving on the road difficult. With people parked on both sides of the road it is essentially a one lane road at certain times during the day, and people have to wait their turn to travel on it for another car to come through. If there is any snow this year I can’t imagine how bad it will get (because it has been horrible in winters past even before the new development was there). If the developer has no problem building and selling all of their townhomes in this housing boom then why are they not required to supply the parking strucure?

  2. Mary Ann Hartnett

    I think parking should only be allowed on one side of Cherokee Street with or without a permit. This is one of 3 streets between University Blvd. and the Beltway that has a light to let cars make a left turn onto Route 1 safely. It carries a lot of traffic now, and the new townhouses are not all occupied.

    I think the developer should be required to provide surface parking for visitors. There is land available. It could be as simple as a lot with blue chip stone. Permeable to rain and hopefully not a source of runoff.

    The new residents do not appear to be using their “2 parking spaces/unit” to park now (i.e. they park on the streets in their community not in their garages). This might work until more people move in, but could cause problems in the future. Branchville Fire should take a look at this situation.

  3. Ben

    I agree with Mary that if parking is only allowed on one side of the street it would solve the problem. It would of course make parking more difficult for the townhouse residents, but it would be much better for the city overall and solve the traffic situation on Cherokee.

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