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New MD Bill Aims to Curb Loud Noise Caused By Modified Exhausts

State Delegate Mary Lehman has introduced a bill, HB 1333, to curb loud noise caused by modified vehicle exhaust systems. The bill will essentially increase the fines for non-compliance on the repair order from the current amount of $70.00 to $200.00. The subsequent fines on the same non-compliance will go up to $300 and then $400.

The final House vote on HB1333 will be taking place on March 21st. There will be a couple of votes taking place between now and March 21st in various committees on this bill.

Though the Public hearing took place yesterday, residents are encouraged to write to the committee members supporting the bill before March 21st. Sooner is better. Here are the email addresses of the members of the Motor Vehicle and Transportation subcommittee.;;;;;;;;

The College Park City Council approved a letter supporting the bill at last Tuesday’s meeting. Please see that letter below.


Community Meeting on New Playground – This Evening at 7:00 pm:


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  1. Donald Hays

    This is fantastic! Keep up the amazing work. Hopefully it gets passed.

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