Over a year ago, we started the monthly community police meeting at the MoM’s Café, with a goal to bring our hard-working police officers closer to the community members. Over the past months, more and more residents started to take part in these meetings. Unfortunately, the small space at the MoM’s Café proved to be insufficient to hold these meetings anymore. This led us to look for an alternate place. From this month, the monthly Community – Police meetings will take place at the Youth and Family Services (YFS) building, at 4912 Nantucket Road, in north College Park, at 7:30 PM, on the second Monday of every month. These meetings provide helpful tips about protecting you and your family from crimes in the future. You can bring your questions to the police officers who work hard to protect us every day in the neighborhood. Please join them and meet other neighbors at YFS on next Monday, March 9, 2020, at 7:30 PM.