Good News! A new flashing pedestrian light (RRFB) will be installed on Rhode Island Ave at Odessa Rd near the Sunnyside Skate Park. The equipment has been ordered and the light is expected to be constructed as early as late next month or the latest by this November. The City Council allocated money in its FY2016 budget to buy and install this additional crossing light. Our City engineer has recently got the approval from County about the location of the new light on Rhode Island Avenue, which is a County road.

Currently, we have 3 RRFBs on Rhode Island Avenue in north College Park – one near Duvall field, one at Hollywood Road and another at Muskogee st. We hope the new RRFB at Odessa Rd. will help residents and their children cross Rhode Island avenue safely to the Sunnyside Skate park.

We’ll keep you posted as we find more information about status of the new light. Thank you!