A new county redistricting map is proposing the entire city of College park part of one single district (Dist 3). Currently, north College Park is part of District 1, where as the rest of the city is part of District 3.

Like the City of College Park, which went through its own redistricting process recently, Prince George’s county is also required to revisit its district map every 10 years following the national census. The Maryland State is also going through its congressional redistricting process.

County’s Redistricting Commission will hold a public hearing today at the Council Hearing Room (Main Floor 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Dr. County Administration Building, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 2077). The commission will also discuss the Preliminary Draft of the Plan & Report at the meeting. The final report will be ready on August 4, 2011.

There are many benefits of having College Park in a single county district. College Park has its own set of traits (it’s a college town), that other neighboring cities don’t have. Dividing the city into two parts in county’s map  limits these important characteristics into account when it comes to development within the city boundary.

The implementation of the ongoing Route 1 sector plan will also get benefits if the city stays within one single district. For example, Route 1 recently received millions of dollars for its redevelopment, all of which will be spent withing the city boundary.

North College Park has largely been under developed when compared to the south part of the city. One would see a sharp difference in terms of the number of blighted properties along Route 1 on the north and south sides of Rt193.

There may also be some immediate benefits of the proposed map of keeping College Park in District 3 as one councilmanic district. Currently, District 3 is represented by council member Olson, who is also a resident of College Park. Having a city resident as the county council member representing the entire city will only benefit the city, and not the part of the city that council member Olson currently represents.