The Prince George’s County Council has recently introduced CB-97-2022 to eliminate standards for expedited transit-oriented development in the Local Transit-Oriented (LTO) Zone and tie the requirement for a detailed site plan to certain project characteristics rather than the size of the project.

Specifically, suppose an existing residential or commercial use is redeveloped as a mixed-use project under the Expedited Transit-Oriented Development Review section of the Zoning Ordinance (27-3619) and is within 2,500 feet of an existing metro rail station. In that case, the regulations for development in the LTO Zones shall not apply. Instead, regulations such as density, parking, setbacks, height, etc. are waived and established with the approved Detailed Site Plan.

Under expedited review, all county agencies must make such review the highest priority. The Planning staff has five working days to review and accept or reject the application, and the Planning Board is required to decide on a site plan application within sixty days after an application is accepted. The new Zoning Ordinance requires a Detailed Site Plan review for ten or more residential dwelling units and 25,000 or more square feet of nonresidential development, a change from the previous Zoning Ordinance that had widespread community support. CB-97-2022 requires a Detailed Site Plan for any mixed-use redevelopment project without adequately defining these terms.

The areas in College Park impacted by this bill include Downtown College Park and the east side of Route 1 in the Lakeland neighborhood. This bill would also cover the area recently rezoned to LTO as part of the Adelphi Road-Purple Line Sector Plan.

At next week’s meeting, the City Council will consider sending a letter opposing the bill.