At tomorrow’s Council worksession, we’ll discuss an interesting new sustainability-related program to divert residential food waste from the solid waste stream. In addition to the existing backyard compost bin program initiated to divert organic and food waste from the waste stream and to provide residents an option to compost organics where they are generated, residents will be able to drop off their food waste at the Public Works and also at the Hollywood Farmers Market. Similar food waste programs exist in other towns, including in DC (please see here:

Public Works will be implementing a food waste drop-off program to further reduce food waste from the solid waste stream that would otherwise be taken to the landfill for disposal. The drop-off program will include identifiable containers at the Department of Public Works and the Hollywood Farmers Market where residents can drop-off food waste, which will be disposed of at the Western Branch composting facility.

This source separation process will divert organic material to a facility that will process it into another usable product, thereby preserving landfill space and reducing the generation of methane gas.

The food waste drop-off containers will be placed at the entrance to Davis Hall, 9217 51st Avenue, marked with signage to identify what material is acceptable for the drop-off containers. Those drop-off containers will be available 24/7 to maximize participation. A supply of compostable bags will also be available for participant use to collect and contain their drop-off material to ensure a cleaner process.

The drop-off containers at the Hollywood Farmers Market will be available during regular market hours from April – November. Visible signage will be used to clearly identify the location of the drop-off containers. The drop-off location will frequently be staffed to provide program information as well as answer questions. Compostable bags will also be available for participants at the Market drop-off location to contain and transport their drop-off material. The food waste diversion program is currently funded in the FY 19 budget in the Solid Waste program section.