At last night’s meeting, the Council continued discussing City Code in regard to the management of naturalized landscapes.

The Council discussed the subject earlier at the February 20 worksession.

Staff had a discussion with City’s Tree and Landscape Board (TLB) on this matter. Their discussions revealed that Naturalized, Native or Managed Landscapes becoming more common and desired, and create the need to revise existing nuisance or property maintenance ordinances to better serve our residents who wish to provide such natural landscaping and habitat on their properties.

The TLB also advised that any new ordinance standards/requirements should allow for ease of understanding and enforcement by Code Enforcement Officers. Accordingly, staff has prepared a draft ordinance to address these issues.

The proposed Code will allow residents to grow these naturalized, native or managed landscapes more than one foot. Naturalized, native, or managed landscapes will be defined as any plants or vegetation such as shrubbery, perennials, groundcover, flowers, ornamental grasses, etc., that are intentionally cultivated or managed in such a manner that the growth is not in a state of neglect, nor presents a hazard to the public health or safety. Managed landscape plantings should be intentionally planted and are maintained as part of a garden or for landscaping purposes and should not encroach, overhang, or flop-over adjacent properties, sidewalks, or curbs. The city will also reserve the right to remove any and all growth from city rights-of-way at any time.