Great news for pedestrians! A new sidewalk on Cherokee Street will connect Route 1 and Rhode Island Avenue with safe walking.

Currently, there is a sidewalk on Cherokee Street in front of the Metropolitan apartment complex. A new sidewalk is being constructed on Cherokee Street at the Route 1 intersection

A large part of  Cherokee street currently doesn’t have a sidewalk, especially between Rhode Island Ave and 48th Place.

The City took up a project to build a sidewalk along this segment of the street several years ago.

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will consider approving a resolution of support for the submission of the CDBG PY 47 application for this Sidewalk project.

As part of the project, two roundabouts will be constructed at two intersections on Cherokee street – one at the 48th Place intersection, and the other at the 49th ave intersection.

Staff is recommending that the City apply for PY 47 CDBG funding to construct a sidewalk on the north side of Cherokee Street between 48th Place and Rhode Island Avenue. This project will support the City’s pedestrian connectivity goals.

Proposed sidewalk on Cherokee street

This project was identified and prioritized based on the recently finished Complete and Green Streets Implementation Plan that identified five key street segments and prepared 30% design plans.

The estimated construction cost for the Cherokee Street segment is $259,753. propose a request of approximately $237,203 in CDBG funds to complete the construction of this project.

There is an expected balance of $22,550 in unexpended CDBG funds from PY 45 that may be applied to this project if approved by Prince George’s County to supplement the PY 47 grant request.

The City will provide an estimated $77,926 for 100% design plans and permits funded through the Streets and Sidewalks CIP and City in-kind match of staff time on the project.

UPDATE: [2/6/2021] At the February 9, 2021 meeting, the Council is expected to award a contract of $46,019.35 for the design of the Cherokee Street sidewalk

[City of College Park]