I attended the monthly Neighborhood Watch block captain meetings at the City Hall on last Wednesday (Mar 10). The meeting started at around 7:30pm and lasted until 8:45. There was a neighborhood Watch coordinator meeting after the block captain meeting. Around 10 block captains / coordinators attended the meeting.

The PG Police COPS officer Melanie Sarita and Taylor Nashwan briefed the crowed with the recent crime activities in the area. They said crime has been generally down during this compared, as compared to that we saw during the past few months. There have been a few B&E (Break-ins / Entering)  – notably in the 5000 blocks of Indian lane and 9400 block of the Rhode Island Avenue. There also have been a few auto thefts reported in the Seven Spring Village complex area. Officer Taylor reported that there have been 3 break-ins in the southern part of the city. A 6+ ft black male has been identified as the suspect. There also has been 1 carjacking reported in the area.

Residents are asked to be more watchful during the summer days, there is a tendency of crime to go up during this time. Neighbors can have collective barbecue / block party together. Criminals typically stay way from the neighborhoods where they see neighbors stay together.

Members were asked to spend extra 30 seconds at night watching in the neighborhood before we go to bed. Residents should know who and what are normal and not suspicious. They were also asked to report empty / vacant houses to the police.

Residents are also asked to consider outside audible alarms, which are found more effective.

COPS officers also gave us hints on calling police. If you see a criminal activity going on in front of your eyes then call 911. With all other suspicous activities, call PG non-emergency number (301-333-4000)