Neighborhood Watch

College Park Neighborhood Watch (CPNW) will be hosting a training session for the block captains & coordinators tonight at the City Hall. The meeting will start at 7pm and is expected to end at 9pm.

Capt. Marc Alexander, Assistant Commander, PGPD District 1, is expected to make a brief appearance at the meeting. Capt. Alexander has asked a representative from the Public Safety Communication Center to come talk to the attendees about how Emergency (911) & Non-Emergency (301-352-1200) calls are handled by the Center.

CPNW steering committee member Robert Boone will speak about the reasons for having a Neighborhood Watch Program. Another member Aaron Bourne will speak about the College Park Neighborhood Watch Program.

Zari Malsawma & Rex Powell will talk about the roles of block captains, while Zari and Kim Lugo will speak about the coordinator’s role.

Please tray to attend this useful training session if you can.