Donna Harrington @ 5116 Lackawanna Street, has had multiple surgeries over the past few years and recently fell and broke her wrist and has difficulty standing and preparing food. If anyone has some free time to prepare a meal for one of our neighbors, she would appreciate it. Her message is below as is the email link to an online Meal Train to sign up. Thanks to Patricia Noone of Sunnyside for setting up the MealTrain initiative.

From Donna Harrington:
Dinner info: deliver anytime after 3 pm. Please knock hard. Difficulty getting to and opening the front door. Family of 2. If no one answers the door, please leave food on small plastic table on front porch/over hang. If you need your pots or casserole dishes back, please put out a note with your phone number and email address. We like everything! But no meat on pizza and no cooked green peas. Side salads are great! No food allergies. But mild spice only. We would love to know who you are so we can thank you so if you are comfortable with leaving a note with your name and number or e-mail address , please do. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. Donna Harrington 5116 Lackawanna street on the corner of Wichita