Dear All,

Recently, Councilmember Adams submitted his resignation as the Chair of the Needs-Based Student Rental Assistance Subcommittee. I greatly appreciate his hard work and leadership during his tenure on the subcommittee. CM Adams has agreed to continue serving as a member until the completion of the committee’s work.

This morning, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mayor-Protem Michell as the new Chair of the subcommittee. Mayor-Protem Michell has been an active member of the committee, making significant contributions. I am confident in her ability to lead the subcommittee and advance its important work.

In a related development, Councilmember Hernandez has been appointed as the new subcommittee member representing District 1. Councilmember Hernandez will be taking over the role previously held by former Councilmember Kennedy. We extend our gratitude to Ms. Kennedy for her valuable contributions to the committee.

Thank you.