NCPCA Meeting Tonight, Please Attend

Today is the second Thursday of the month and thus is the day of the regular meeting for this month.

Here are a few key agenda items:

·     We’ll start with the officers’ election for the year 2010-2011. Mark Shroder, Bill Robertson and myself are running for President, V.P and Secretary positions respectively. Joe Smith and Mohammed Taluckder are running for the treasurer position. Write-ins are allowed.

·      Community Response Team Safety Report: PG COPS Officer Sarita will give a report on recent crime activities, such as sexual assault, house break-ins and armed robbery at the Mundo Latino market.

·     There will be a presentation from the representatives from The Bamboo Eater, who has recently opened in our neighborhood. I  blogged about this business earlier. It will be interesting to hear what the owners say to sway the residents’ concerns on the nature of their business.

·     The MD 21st Delegation will come and present their annual Annapolis legislative report to NCPCA members.

More on the meeting agenda can be found at the NCPCA’s website http://myncpca.org

See you all tonight at the meeting.

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