Today is the second Thursday of the month and thus is the day of the regular meeting for this month.

Here are a few key agenda items:

·     We’ll start with the officers’ election for the year 2010-2011. Mark Shroder, Bill Robertson and myself are running for President, V.P and Secretary positions respectively. Joe Smith and Mohammed Taluckder are running for the treasurer position. Write-ins are allowed.

·      Community Response Team Safety Report: PG COPS Officer Sarita will give a report on recent crime activities, such as sexual assault, house break-ins and armed robbery at the Mundo Latino market.

·     There will be a presentation from the representatives from The Bamboo Eater, who has recently opened in our neighborhood. I  blogged about this business earlier. It will be interesting to hear what the owners say to sway the residents’ concerns on the nature of their business.

·     The MD 21st Delegation will come and present their annual Annapolis legislative report to NCPCA members.

More on the meeting agenda can be found at the NCPCA’s website

See you all tonight at the meeting.