Today is the second Thursday of the month, and hence we’re going to have our regular meeting for the month of April.

Here is the quick summary of the meeting agenda:

  • The Prince Georges County Police will come and give a Workshop on the Basic Observation Skills. With the recent rise in criminal activities in the area, this is something we should all attend.
  • As usual, the PG COPS officer Melanie Sarita will be  making a presentation on the recent crime activities for the last month in her Safety Report
  • The Public Works did a fairly good job during the past snow season. Can their job be improved? Please have your voice heard.
  • We’ll be forming a Nominating Committee for the next year’s officers’ election.
  • As you know, Mark Shroder has regrettably decided to step down from the VP position recently. We’ll decide how to fill that vacant position.
  • There will be a debate and vote on the By-Laws amendment – see pending amendments page for additional detail on the NCPCA’s website. .
  • There will be an update report on the recently formed By-Laws Committee

Let’s all try to attend. See all at the meeting.