Tonight we’ll be having a fairly busy schedule at the NCPCA.

Lynette Washington of the US Census Bureau will be making a presentation on the Census 2010. Please check my earlier post to find more on the Census 2010.

Celeste Bryant of the Envision Prince Georges will be coming to talk about the program. There is a public hearing scheduled on March 20.

Peggy Higgins, the director of the City’s Youth and Family Services will be coming to make a presentation on the services it provides for the city residents. The YFS is located in our district (on 4912 Nantucket Road)

City’s budget discussion will continue from where we stopped at last month.

We expect to have one or more By-Laws amendments introduced by members.

We also hope to form a committee to take care of various suggestions on improvements / changes in NCPCA By-Laws

See you all at the meeting. (The meeting will start at 7:30pm).