Please attend tonight’s NCPCA February regular meeting at Davis Hall. The meeting will start at 7:30pm. If such a venue isn’t available for your own meetings, then you can head out to sites like

Other than the recurrent agenda items, tonight’s session will include the following discussions:

(1) The Purchase of Washington Post Plant by the UMD: As you probably know, The UMD has recently purchased the Washington Post’s old College Park plant. The UMD later agreed  to pay the City compensation towards the loss of revenues the City used to get from the Washington Post. This will primarily be an information update session on this subject.

(2)    Budget Priority: NCPCA will get your ideas on how the City should be spending your tax dollars in the upcoming FY 2011 budget. Typically NCPCA sends a prioritized “Wishlist” of top items that the members want to see in the budget. These items are prioritized upon the number of votes they get from the members.

(3)    NCPCA Fund: Over the years, NCPCA has collected nearly $2000 from its members. NCPCA would like to know how best members want to spend this money. The discussion is also important in case some extreme circumstances happen, such as the members decide to dissolve the association (read more..)

(4)    Dissolution Motion: In the past January meeting, a motion was brought to the floor to dissolve NCPCA. While the motion was declared out of order due to a procedural issue, it was promised to have this discussion in tonight’s meeting. The motion will need at least 2/3 votes of members present in the meeting.

To vote on any of the matters discussed in the meeting, you must be a member before the start of the meeting. Also please sign in your name on the signup sheet at the entrance of the meeting hall.

See you all at tonight’s meeting. Stay warm.