Here is a brief summary of the items we’ll be discussing at tonight’s NCPCA meeting

(1)   Safety / Crime Report. The PG Police – Community Response Team (CRT) officer Sarita Melanie will give a brief presentation on the recent crime incidents in the neighborhood. In case you did not know, there have been at least two incidents of home invasion, one on the Iroquois St., another on the 50th Ave. There have also been reports of beating at the crime incidents. In addition to this, there have been several incidents of car break-ins in various parts of the neighborhood.

(2)   Someone from the SDAT office will be giving a presentation on the residential property tax assessments and appeals process. Thus if you think that you’re paying too much taxes on your property, you probably don’t want to miss out this session.

(3)   Mark Spencer, a candidate for State’s Attorney, will speak to members at the meeting

(4)   There will be Introduction of two bylaws amendments and revision of Variance Committee procedures