Tomorrow, May 13  is the second Thursday of the month, and hence the day of the regular meeying for this month.

Here are a few key agenda items:

·      Community Response Team Safety Report: PG COPS Officer Sarita will give a report on the rise of recent house break-ins and other crime activities in the area.
·      Parking Permit program: Bob Ryan from City’s Public Services will make a presentation on the parking permit program, including the recently suggested fee increase.
·      By-Laws Committee: As you can recall we formed a By-Laws committee in the past month. The committee currently has 5 members with Bill Robertson as its chair. The committee met a few times in the past few weeks and will provide a progress report on its works it has accomplished so far.
·      Picnic report: We had quite a successful turnout in the past weekend’s picnic – thanks to the picnic coordinator Valerie Bleau and the team of volunteers for making this a success. Those of you who could not be present in the picnic, will get a report on how it went.
·      Nominating and Elections Committee: The NCPCA’s 2010 – 2011 session is coming to an end. That means it’s the time to nominate and elect new officers for the upcoming year. The nominating committee will present its report on a list of candidates for the new session. Also, an election committee will be formed to conduct next month’s election.

More on the meeting agenda can be found at the NCPCA’s website 

See you all tomorrow at the meeting.