Just a short note to let you know that the Candidate Forum from July 15 is scheduled to air on Greenbelt’s Access Channel on the following schedule:
Thursday, July 29 – 11am, 4pm, 9pm
Saturday, July 31 – 11am, 4pm, 9pm
It is a long program, clocking in at a bit over 2 and a half hours.
The first segment covers the Sheriff’s office candidates.
The second segment covers the County Executive candidates, appx 48 minutes into the program (Th,S – 11:48am, 4:48pm, 9:48pm).
The third segment covers the State’s Attorney candidates, appx 1h 45m into the program ( Th, S – 12:45pm, 5:45pm, 10:45pm).
Greenbelt Access is available on Verizon Fios 19 in the College Park area.  The channel is not available on Comcast in CP, unfortunately.
Please pass along to anyone you believe may be interested. 
(Thanks to NCPCA member Matthew Byrd for this message)