NCP ‘Sex Store’ Loses Appeal to Stay in Business

Comfort Zone

The County Board of Appeals has recently voted to uphold the City’s violation notice against the Comfort Zone. The board earlier met in May to discuss an appeal from the store owner against violation notice issued by the City of College Park. The board decided to take more time to study the case and let Comfort Zone stay in business.

County zoning laws state that no more than 10 percent of merchandise and floor space can consist of adult items, but the zoning violation said the store was acting to the contrary. The zoning violation asked the owner to rearrange the store within 30 days.

City’s code enforcement manager and City attorney were present in the May Board of appeals hearing.

Once the board’s latest decision is formally issued, the Comfort Zone will have 30 days to appeal the decision to the Circuit Court. Until the Board of Appeals issues a formal opinion, the Comfort Zone will be able to continue to do business, and they may then request that the Circuit Court stay the order until the matter is resolved.

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