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NCP Residents Ask City to Remove Acquisition of #1 Liquor from Budget

#1 Liquor at Route 1

Steve Groh and Terry Schum presented the proposed Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to the North College Park Citizens Association on Thursday night on behalf of the City Manager.

The NCPCA voted unanimously to ask the Council to remove the acquisition of #1 Liquor at 8200 Baltimore Avenue from the CIP.  “Members did not feel that this commercial
property would well serve the City’s open space needs.”
– wrote NCPCA president Mark Shroder in an email to the Mayor and the Council.

True the store is an eyesore, but that should not be a good reason to spend money” – said Larry Bleau, who brought the motion in the meeting.

Back in late 2009, the City council voted to try to buy the property or to try to get it condemned if its owner refuses to sell. The City plans to build a small park at the location.


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  1. David

    This property would make an excellent site for a bus superstop to service the student housing development in that area.

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