I just received the October College Park business beats from City’s Economic Development Coordinator Michael Stiefvater.

Though the downtown and midtown have seen 6 new businesses (The Barking Dog, Clucksters (By Cluck U), Bobby’s Burger Palace, Looney’s Pub, Royal Farms and Pizza Autentica), the uptown, aka north College Park has already seen one business opened (Azteca).

The Downtown has also seen two business to go – Vito’s Pizza and Vapor Underground.

The north College Park has recently seen three businesses closing down, Neil’s Cleaner and the Dry Cleaner store at the Hollywood commercial district, and the Dollar 1 store near Nantucket road, east of Rhode Island avenue. Neil’s dry cleaner went out if business in early summer. The other cleaner on the other side of 7/11 store is not taking any new orders but still open to clear up past inventories. The owner told me the business became unprofitable and thus had to shut down.

North College Park, however will have Fox’s Pizza Den near the College Park Diner (next to Motel 8). Chipotle has also signed a lease to open a store near IKEA.