Recently I submitted a list of requests in the FY 20 budget. Some of this requests came from the NCPCA that I also support. The NCPCA will likely send a separate list later.

Request 1: Funding for Community Space in North College Park to support expanded all ages programming. I am requesting $50,000.00 based on a 2018 survey of rental space costs in the Hollywood Commercial District;  however,  review by staff of costs for rental space may result in a revised funding amount.  Background: In the FY20, M-NCPPC budget, the City Council has requested “$100,000 of annual funding for seniors and all age groups.” These funds will be in addition to the $50,000 that former County Councilwoman Mary Lehman secured in the current FY19 M-NCPPC budget. Current County Councilman Tom Dernoga, representing north College Park, is committed to securing the additional funding of $100,000 in the FY20 M-NCPPC budget.  With the funds from M-NCPPC the City will be able to expand the number and types of programs available to city residents. Currently all activities for seniors are held at the United Methodist Church in north College Park. Unfortunately, this location may not be available able to support additional programming due to other uses at United Methodist therefore it is prudent to secure another location in north College Park so that city residents can take full advantage of the programming that will be available through funding from M-NCPPC.

Request 2: Funding for solar-powered illuminated speed signs that flash when drivers approach, as are now installed on many streets on some of our neighboring jurisdictions (such as on Montgomery Road in Laurel). One sign can be installed on a pilot basis, on the eastbound Edgewood Rd after 47th Place near the Hollywood Elementary School.

Request 3: Funding for 15 additional Doggie Depot poop stations.

Request 4: Security cameras and expand the area of concurrent jurisdiction of U.M. Police on north and west sides of College Park.

Request 5: Funding for a consultant to review City procurement processes and purchases, and to optimize departmental duties and procedures of City government.

Request 6: Funding for a pilot study of a neighborhood food composting facility in College Park.

Request 7: Street signs that alert solicitors of the requirement to obtain a City permit, as are now installed in Berwyn Heights.

Request 8: Funding and obtain grants to develop a pilot coupon program for use of seniors and low income residents when making food purchases at City’s Farmers Markets.

Request 9: Groundwater study in North College Park to identify problems of surface flooding, ponding, mosquitoes and mud, and to fund necessary improvements, or to make improvement requests to the County.

Request 10: Comprehensive study of existing infrastructure and all development that is underway or planned in College Park.

Request 11: Funding for a resident-oriented City emergency evacuation plan.

Request 12: Funding to explore improvement of transportation options in College Park that do not require the use of US 1, and to explore methods such as parking, road construction, bike lanes, sidewalks, development requirements, etc. to reduce traffic on US 1.

Request 13: Funding for consolidated in-house or consultant-provided architectural and engineering services as a way to reduce costs, reduce the time required for studies, and to improve the delivery of City projects.