Today marks the first anniversary of this blog.

 Exactly a year ago, I started this blog. In the first post, I tried to explain about this new venture – “I thought, I should write a little on the content of the blogs I’ll be posting in the coming days and weeks.”

That’s right, I only thought I could keep this afloat only for a few weeks – who knew it would’ve stepped into its second year?

Thanks to you – my neighbors and especially the support of my family that have kept this going – one post a day, everyday.

At times, things have been a little tough. This blog is all about this little neighborhood – not even about this small college town. This often made getting a daily blog topic a little challenging task me. Fortunately, something was always going on even in this small part of the town – and I could always find neighbors wanting to talk about those topics. It has always been fun to discuss things that they find useful.

But the most challenging part I found was finding time to write. Blogging isn’t my full-time job, I don’t get paid for writing this blog (most bloggers don’t – so no surprise there). Nor do I have an army of reporters who comb through the neighborhood and write stories for me. I’ve a day job, a part time teaching job, both are fairly demanding, not to mention the essential quality time I (must) spend with my family at home. Fortunately, my family is kind enough to lend some of their precious time and on top of that I get about an hour during my Metro commute to work (I always take my laptop with me). That should probably explain the secret of my little tme management about this blog project.

This blog has helped me to stay in touch with you and our neighborhood on a constant basis. I hope to continue that in coming days, weeks, and (yes) may be years!!

Please stay in touch!