Yesterday I met with a Hollywood resident, who was at the store during the time of robbery. Even though he was with his wife and 5 year old son at the time, he took the risk of quickly hiding behind the shelves and calling 911 emergency number. I think we should all be proud of a neighbor like him for showing such an act of bravery in a very difficult time.

On a related matter, police and I met with the store’s cashier and owner last week to discuss a couple of safety improvements at the store. We showed the owner the “Wanted” Police reward posters about the 3 robberies at the store. We told him that we support his business and are concerned about the safety of this staff and customers.

The owner said he will start working on the following items soon. Some of the items will need working with the owner from who he is leasing the store.

Suggested Safety Improvements Inside Store
1. Remove covering from windows to allow pedestrians to see inside
2. Add a working audible alarm inside the store
3. Add Video monitor inside store ( like in 7-11)

Suggested Improvements to Make the Store More Inviting and Attractive
1. Remove or fix the light posts by the fence
2. Keep the front area trash free
3. Repaint the posts in the front area
4. Fix the light post at the entrance

We’ll certainly need to keep him in touch on these items to see the progress