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Mosquito Spraying this Thursday

Due to mosquito(s) testing positive for West Nile virus in College Park, or a nearby municipality/HOA, the MDA will be conducting an unscheduled spray this week (as long as conditions permit).
The College Park areas in red will be sprayed the night of this THURSDAY, 9/16/2021. A part of the Hollywood neighborhood has been identified as one of the 3 areas to be sprayed by the MDA.

More information on mosquito spraying can be found here:


Pedestrian Crossing Light on Rhode Island Ave at Muskogee Street


Tonight at 6pm: Community Night @ Hollywood Elementary School

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  1. Carmen

    Good morning, I live in Delaware St. Because of Duval park, we have a lot of green areas around here that we love but the mosquitos for certain stop us for enjoying them. So we really appreciate the control program. I am not sure about the procedure, but some nights ago I saw a truck very late at night passing in the middle of the road spraying something that I thought it was for the mosquitos, but the spraying was reaching only the road not the green areas. Is that the procedure for this mosquito control program?
    Thank you in advance for your time and have a great day.

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