I’ve got additional information about the metro’s station closures at Greenbelt and College Park, starting April 15.

Metro Shuttle

Metro will use shuttle buses to transport riders bwteen Greenbelt and PG Plaza. Buses will still run every 3-5 minutes, however a bus leaving every 3-5 minutes is still much less capacity than a train departing every 6 minutes, so Metro wants to encourage commuters who normally park and ride from Greenbelt or College Park to consider using other metro stations or MARC. They want many riders to find alternatives, so their messages will highlight the limitations of the bus shuttle.

Parking at PG Plaza Mall Parking Lot

Metro will keep an option to secure some parking spots at the PG Plaza station. That said, they will also have bus supervisors on site at both stations who can monitor crowding and communicate back and forth. These supervisors will be able to direct a buses at Greenbelt to leave before they fill, so that buses will have space to add more riders at College Park.

UMD Shuttle and mBike

UMD’s UM-Shuttle will also run between campus and Prince George’s Plaza Metro Station weekdays from 7:00am through 8:00pm. College Park residents can ride UM-Shuttle buses for free with pass. Here is how to get a free pass

From north College Park, you can take mBike from Greenbelt metro or Rhode Island avenue bike station to campus and get the free shuttle to PG Plaza. It’s about a 15 min bike ride. Here is a bike map from Greenbelt metro to campus.