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More Changes Made to County Redistricting Map – Final Vote on Nov 16

At this morning’s session, the County Council introduced last Thursday’s “Davis” map, with some amendments.

For College Park and the surrounding districts, here is a quick summary of the changes from last Thursday’s map:

  • The University of Maryland is put back to District 3. According to CM Turner, this was in response to Dr. Pine’s letter he sent yesterday.
  • Downtown College Park (including City Hall), West College Park and College Park Estates, and Yarrow are also put back to District 3.
  • District 1 still includes some parts of south College Park – Berwyn, Lakeland and Calvert Hill / Old town (in addition to north College Park). According to Turner, this was in response to College Park Council’s desire to have 2 council members representing College Park. He didn’t say why MD 193 wasn’t used as the boundary between District 1 and District 3.
  • The Autoville and Cherry Hill neighborhoods appear to have moved from D1 to D3
  • Most of South Laurel and some of Vansville were put back to D1.

The vote was 6-4. CM Dernoga, Glaros, Ivey and Anderson-Walker were in opposition.

The Public hearing and a vote will be held on Nov 16 on the amended map and the redistricting commission’s map.

Amended map: Red lines showing the boundaries in last Thursday’s “Davis” map.


A detailed version of the new District 1 map, showing Hollywood, Berwyn, Lakeland and Calvert Hill neighborhoods.


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  1. Scott Pappas

    I, for one, do not want Hollywood carved out of College Park.

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