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Metro’s Commencement Day Closing Causes Concerns in College Park

The WMATA’s College Park station will be closed this weekend for a scheduled maintenance. Unfortunately, this falls on the same weekend, when University of Maryland will be having their annual commencement ceremony. Metro is saying the weekend closing was announced back in February, so there should not be a surprise. On the other hand, Metro should be aware of UMd’s commencement, which draws tens of thousands to College Park. Metro said it will however introduce 15 shuttle buses from the stations to help alleviate the problem. It’s remained to be seen if these additional buses will help or cause more traffic problems on a congested Route 1.

The Council discussed the issue at last Tuesday night’s Council meeting and decided to send a letter to WMATA expressing its own concerns.


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  1. anonymous

    I’m incredibly frustrated by this perfect storm of poor planning. Every party involved made a mistake and no one wants to accept any blame. WMATA completely failed to account for Maryland’s commencement exercises (which are the same weekend for the university every year), the city really fell asleep at the wheel, discussing and doing something to protest this only days before this fiasco takes place, and the University, which assumes that it operates in a vacuum. This situation is such a great microcosm for the lack of collaboration between city, university and regional authorities (in this case WMATA, but more commonly the county or the state). It’s incredibly disappointing that the excuses rely on inside baseball he-said-she-said nonsense. People just want competent, reliable services and none of the excuses. When is this city going to get its act together on issues big and small? I see College Park officials complain a lot about problems, but nothing ever seems to get better, take for example Route 1, traffic, the prostitution problem in local motels, crime, etc. I’ve been living here for a long time, and I just hope we all learn from this and the many other incredibly dumb situations plaguing this city to work together to all move forward. We deserve better.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Anonymous, Many thanks for your comments. The City or the UMd does not check the WMATA schedule on a daily basis unless WMATA notifies us before major service closures. That said, many of my colleagues on the Council, County Councilman Eric Olsen and MD State senator Jim Rosapepe’s office reached out to WMATA asking them to reconsider their plan on Metro closings.

    I totally agree that a better coordination and planning between WMATA, UMd and the City is needed to avoid such problems in future. For example, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the parties can help improve the situation.

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