The Council vote on the Metropolitan development at Cherokee and Route 1 has been delayed by one week. The Council was originally scheduled to vote on the matter at tonight’s Council meeting.

The developer met with the members of the community last night at the City hall and discussed quite a few issues surrounding the development. Unfortunately, differences remain and we felt we didn’t have enough time to resolve those differences.

The group plans to meet again next Monday at 7:30 pm at the City hall and close the differences mitigating the remaining concerns. The Council will then vote on the agreement at next Tuesday’s Council meeting. As you know, the planning board hearing on this development will happen December 5.

Of the major concerns, parking is a major one. The residents are saying that they are already experiencing overflow parking in the neighbor and the development will only aggravate the parking situation. The developer is saying they can build more parking inside the development, but that will not solve the problem, as the tenants will most likely park in the neighborhood streets as the parking there is free, where as they will need to pay a yearly fee to pay for the parking inside the development.

One solution to this parking issue is to institute a permit parking on the neighborhood street. This is certainly an inconvenient solution for many residents, however the developer may be willing to sponsor the program by buying these permit passes for the residents and their visitors.

Another solution is to make the parking inside the development more affordable or even make it free. this way the tenants will be more encouraged to park inside the development and not in the neighborhood street.