At tonight’s worksession, we will discuss the issue of parking at the Metro’s entrance at the end of Lackawanna St / 53rd Avenue.

The issue is caused by folks dropping or picking Metro riders at that intersection. Often times, they stand at the intersection, even though the area is clearly marked for “No Standing and No Parking”.

The issue came to the Council earlier, and we took a few steps. They include:

  • A new parking zone exclusive to the area close to the Metro, so that residents from other similar zone cannot park their car
  • Additional “No Standing” sign at entrance and
  • Yellow “no parking” curb marking on the street near the Metro. Speaking with nearby neighbors living next to the Metro entrance, it appears that the parking issue has improved in recent months.

Tonight’s discussion will address ways to further improve the situation there. staff is recommending (1) to request WMATA to consider a “Kiss and Ride” area at the College Park entrance to the Greenbelt Metro Station. at Lackawanna and (2) Continue current practice of frequent random patrols by PEOs, and rapid response to complaints. We understand there are considerable opposition to the Kiss-n-Ride proposal, however a more robust parking enforcement seems like a good solution. Exploring additional measures such as car park deck waterproofing may be beneficial to further address concerns and ensure the longevity of the parking facilities.